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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. We're Still Friends We're Still Friends Video
  3. Monica 
  4. By Threes 
  5. Love Revolution 
  6. A Mover's Life 
  7. Someone Wonderful I Missed Someone Wonderful I Missed Video
  8. Sexually Free 
  9. Act 2
  10. Hey There, Good Times Hey There, Good Times Video
  11. By The Way If You Are Free Tonight 
  12. Lovers On Christmas Eve 
  13. Scream 
  14. Ev'rybody Today Is Turning On 
  15. Married Couple Seeks Married Couple 
  16. I Love My Wife 

I Love My Wife review

I Love My Wife Review - Broadway musical

Critics pointed out that the creators of the musical did what nobody before them – they took the musicians and carried them on the scene. Of course, the musicians played the music also – because it remains their work – but they were organically woven into the plot, in its development and even sang alone.

Is this musical unusual? Of course, because it is not just a play on the theme of bed’s hanky-panky, but the one, which involves four. Conceived is discussed easier than doing really, because in the whole process all the quartet of members become confused, some more, some less. To make love with the wife of your best friend? Interestingly, but in practice it's not only frankly scary, but also clumsy. A guy in trunks with coffee in bed? Cool too.

Because of the topic, a lot of jokes are born, in which the characters show the entire emotional gamut, especially after the smoked exotic grass. But when it comes to the most important component – the one for which, in fact, all gathered, all the possible options of copulation, offered by a guide "for beginners", are consistently rejected. Common sense and ordinary human oppression takes over the raging passion that is proving to be a desire to get away from everyday dullness, routine in life itself, and not so much in its physical manifestations.

This musical has earned many accolades, among which the most unremarkable is: "colorful, funny and juicy". As you can see, the rest part is even more enthusiastic. No wonder that musical in 1977 won two Tonies and had 4 more nominations, received 3 Drama Desks, along with two additional nominations. 1977 was also marked by 1 reward of Theatre World and 1 nomination for Lawrence Olivier for the version in the West End.

Cy Coleman in 1977, together with M. Stewart, did a pretty bright satire on the sexual revolution of the 70s, moving us in the mid-class families, who bored with their everyday life, with its monotony, who wanted something wild, with a twinkle. Quite common theme for most of the theaters, in the musical format happened even funnier, because they could sing and dance, squeezing ridiculousness to every last drop out of the situation.

One of the participants says to the second that copulation with two women at least twice as sweet as with only one wife, probably hopes to sleep with his spouse. This is something we will never know, because until the thing itself it never came close, hiding behind all these verbal constructions, which being built around the upcoming interrelations. Persuasions of latest member happen already along the way as the other three are in full readiness, and it adds not only the spice and the severity to an event, but also a bunch of jokes of various levels.

We should also mention the work of costume designer – the atmosphere of 1970s has been passed very truthfully in dresses. Probably, it is the best work amongst all the stage design – everything is exactly as the average Americans wore these years. And you, if you dig into archives, will be able to find the same clothes on own photos of those times, if you were born somewhere between 1950s–1960s.

In addition to the very lively voices of women and slightly more vivid expression of emotions than it should be, the audience also must enjoy easy, not over-abounding act, so after you get out of the hall, a good mood remains for a few days.
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