High School 2 synopsis

High School 2 synopsis

High School 2 Synopsis - Broadway musical

Troy still dates with Gabriella. He looks for summer work to get some money for development of his college. The guy gets a job in a country club, where Sharpay and Evans are going to have a rest in summer. This club belongs to her parents. The girl is also going to pursue Troy. He agrees that Gabriella and his friends will work in this place too. Sharpay is in rage. She asks the manager to give them some hard work, with which they cannot manage. However, young people cope with it.

Troy still thinks about how to support the college. Sharpay wants to help him, hoping that in this case she will be able to sing with Troy on the talents show. Kelsey writes the song for the couple. Troy decides to sing it on the show with Gabriella and his friends. Sharpay keeps fighting for the attention.

Rayan understands, Sharpay doesn't take care of him, because she's ready to use anyone to act with Troy. Rayan declares to his sister, he won't help her anymore. He's invited to a baseball match. There, he convinces Troy’s basketball team to act at the talents competition.

Troy is jealous Gabriela of Rayan. That’s why he agrees singing with Sharpay. Together they rehearse a new song. Rayan and the basketball team unite their performances. Having learned about it, Sharpay asks the manager to forbid employees to act. Gabriella finally quarrels with her and quits the job. Troy wants to convince her not to do it. But the girl says that she has lost the trust towards him and leaves.

Troy finds out, his friends ignore him. Kelsey tells Troy in confidence about Sharpay's plans and he refuses singing with her. His friends agree to forgive Troy and invite him acting together. Troy sings a song alone, but then, suddenly, Gabriella joins him. So, after the show, everyone goes to watch fireworks. They celebrate the end of the summer at a pool party. At the end, Miley Cyrus appears.
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