High School 2 review

High School 2 review

High School 2 Review - Broadway musical

What can happen after a year of studying at school? Of course, a fine summer! If the viewers want to watch the movie about rest and entertainments or even simply spend time cheerfully, then they are welcome!

The vacation is coming, and the guys think about where to go to earn some money. The main meanie of school — Sharpay Evans — comes back to the old ways. Foreign success and happiness haunts her. This time "the first beauty of school" decided to set a love couple – Troy and Gabriela, by the ears in a hope to incline the guy to participate in the competition, acting together with her.

The movie is so remarkable, kind and fantastic, that the whole world changes under the influence of these songs, sounding in the movie. What can be better than vacation, moreover, when it is spend with friends? However, the plot is quite beaten. Love of a clever girl and nice guy, intervention of silly, but quite talented blonde, an attempt to take this Mr. Popularity away, his atonement of fault and forgiveness. Of course, "everyone lived happily". It already bothers. There are not any originality and unpredictability, as always. Is it interesting to watch the movie, when you foreknow, who will be dating with whom and who will be left with nothing? And the history isn't connected with the title "High School Musical" in any way. Nevertheless, the audience, most likely, won't expect a serious drama from the musical. If their purpose is to enjoy the bright picture and to spend time with smile, then this movie is recommended for them.

Music and dances are excellent concepts of summer! There is a wish to sing, dance and fall in love in summer! Therefore, everything is present at this movie and gives the viewer the full presence and feeling of reality. But it is a pity that in the real world, good things happen not so often. There is only one oversight in many Disney's movies, including this: everyone begins to dance and sing suddenly! It looks a little silly. And what the main thing is, all the students learn the words and movements at once, and the music unexpectedly flows from somewhere, and a viewer can hardly understand, what's happening. But hey, it is a musical, after all, give it a chance!

The summer in the movie is shown perfectly. Everything is presented, including pools, bright sun, green lawns, games and the sea of pleased smiles on everyone's faces. After watching the movie, there is a wish to run out on the street and to enjoy all the delightful credits of the summer. Despite some disadvantages, the movie became better. The second part is very cheerful. There are more songs than in the first one. Actors have matured. It's very pleasant to watch, how they develop in the eyes of a viewer. In general, this is a worthy sequel, which can definitely be advised for family watching.
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