The Long Grift lyrics - Hedwig And The Angry Inch

The Long Grift lyrics

The Long Grift

Look what you've done,
you gigolo.
You know that I loved you, hon,
and I didn't want to know
that your cool,
seductive serenade
was a tool
of your trade,
you gigolo.

Of all the riches you've surveyed,
and all that you can lift,
I'm just another dollar that you made
in you long, long grift.

Look what you've done,
you gigolo.
Another hustle has been run,
and now you ought to know
that this fool
can no longer be swayed
by the tools
of your trade,
you gigolo.

I'm just another john you've gypped,
another sucker stiffed,
a walk on role in the script
to your long, long grift.
The love that had me in your grip
was just a long, long grift.
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