Hedwig And The Angry Inch Musical Lyrics

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Hedwig And The Angry Inch Lyrics

The musical received a huge number of awards. M. Cerveris and N. Patrick Harris (who was a major star in very well-known How I Met Your Mother serial movie) have received Tony award as the best actors. Besides, a set of stars took part in this production. Among them, there are: D. Criss (Emmy nominee), T. Diggs, A. Rannells (who was nominated on Tony), Golden Globe nominee M. Hall; A. Sheedy, K. Cahoon, G. Dante, A. Rapp, N. Garrison. Hedwig was acted by C. Joyce and D. Leitch.

For the first time, the musical was shown in 1998. The performance had been staged for two years. P. Askin & J. Mitchell were directors. J. C. Mitchell played also the main role. The theater, in which the production took place, was located in one of the places, where "Titanic" was shot. Besides Mitchell, the main role was also played by: M. Cerveris, D. Leitch, A. Sheedy, K. Cahoon, A. Somers and M. McGrath. This version of the show received Outer Circle & Obie Awards (for the best actors and musical).

The Broadway version appeared in 2014. M. Mayer was responsible for music and S. Liff was the director. The musical has 4 Tony nominations and it won in 3 out of 4. In Great Britain, the performance took place in West End, Edinburgh, and Brighton. K. Kahoon and M. Cerveris took part in it. The musical was also seen by the audience of such countries as Canada, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Italy and Thailand.
Release date: 1998
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