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The Only Thing Missing lyrics

The Only Thing Missing

I'll admit I have a problem holding onto things,
A sock, a book, a clock, a look, a chance.
And the moment that a fella lends me his umbrella
It's just another doomed romance.
I never have to worry about losing things,
A car, a pin, a star, some gin, a bet.
But then you said that we were through
And suddenly I knew there was one loss I'd regret.

I've lost diamonds and pearls, love letters from earls,
and more suitors than girls usually do.
But from this great list, I would have to insist,
that the only thing missing is you.
I had Barbies and then, my mom called to mention
they're all as the French say, "per-du."
Even Barbie had Ken, still I'm left with "rien,"
cause the only thing missing is you.

And silly as it seems, I lost all my dreams
When we said "adeiu."
And I think now you'll find that I lose my mind
When I think of you.

And no one has solved the case that involved
the revolver from my game of Clue.
Well I've still got the knife so what good is my life?
And with all that I've lost, no I don't mind the cost.
Think what my nephew Chris just lost at his bris,
And you'll have to admit that it's true:
That the only thing missing-
Do you miss the kissing?
The only thing missing is you.
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