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Album lyrics:
  1. Things I Have Lost  
  2. Gone Missing 
  3. The Only Thing Missing
  4. La Bodega 
  5. The Bodega 
  6. Hide and Seek Hide and Seek Video
  7. I Gave It Away 
  8. Ich Traumt Du Kamst An Mich 
  9. Lost Horizon Lost Horizon Video
  10. Etch A Sketch 
  11. Stars 

Gone Missing review

Gone Missing Review - Broadway musical

The Civilians ingenious organization, which has already created 7 original performances, is allocated in a theater world by making the shows on documentary base, using for collection of informational investigation, interviews, social polls and different other methods. They create a peculiar mix of a pure art and journalism that does each their work a bright and unique piece.

As the example, Gone Missing, which central themes were losses in all of their meanings and manifestations, admires the viewer with originality of an idea and gloss of execution. It is remarkable that founders didn't fix talk with interviewees, they were also not written down by actors. Thus, all scenes of the play seem bright and live, despite their real documentary basis. These are the monologues untied among themselves, diluted with the beautiful music of Michael Friedman, this is an amazing show, emotional and vital, after all its subject is close to each of us.

Dressed in identical classical gray Sarah Beers' suits, main characters with all their cast of look and mind show as people are identical in loosing something, and doesn't matter, what exactly they have lost. Inimitable Jennifer R. Morris, as the girl who lost her favorite shoes, explains that even the most ordinary thing can be a mascot for her owner. Moreover, a bright role of the police officer, performing by Stephen Plunkett, who tells about missing parts of a body.

Sentimental scenes also exist, including perfect Colleen Werthmann’s telling of a touching story about the girl, who lost a doll. Anyway, it can't leave public indifferent, after all, but at least one of the stories will cut into the brains quickly.

The musical turned out really whimsical. No wonder, why it has received so many enthusiastic comments of well-known American magazines. It is impossible to come off so excellent played life occurring on a scene in front of your eyes.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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