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Album lyrics:
  1. Prologue: The Glorious Ones 
  2. Making Love Making Love Video
  3. Pantalone Alone 
  4. The Comedy of Love 
  5. Scenario: The Madness of Columbine 
  6. The Comedy of Love (reprise) 
  7. The Glorious Ones (reprise) 
  8. Madness to Act 
  9. Absalom Absalom Video
  10. The Invitation to France 
  11. Flaminio Scale's Historical Journey to France 
  12. Two Lazzi 
  13. Armanda's Tarantella Armanda's Tarantella Video
  14. Improvisation 
  15. The World She Writes The World She Writes Video
  16. Opposite You Opposite You Video
  17. My Body Wasn't Why My Body Wasn't Why Video
  18. Scenario: The Madness of Isabella 
  19. Flaminio Scale's Ominous Dream 
  20. The World She Writes (reprise) 
  21. Rise and Fall 
  22. The Moon Woman 
  23. The Glorious Ones (reprise) 
  24. I Was Here
  25. Armanda's Sack 
  26. Finale 

Glorious Ones, The cast

Glorious Ones, The Cast - Broadway musical

Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics and Book by Lynn Ahrens

Isabella Andreini
Young Boy Actor
Flaminio Scala
Armanda Ragusa
Francesco Andreini/Comic Servant – Jeremy Webb
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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