Glorious Ones, The Musical Lyrics

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Glorious Ones, The Lyrics

  1. Prologue: The Glorious Ones   add
  2. Making Love Making Love Video  add
  3. Pantalone Alone   add
  4. The Comedy of Love   add
  5. Scenario: The Madness of Columbine   add
  6. The Comedy of Love (reprise)   add
  7. The Glorious Ones (reprise)   add
  8. Madness to Act   add
  9. Absalom Absalom Video  add
  10. The Invitation to France   add
  11. Flaminio Scale's Historical Journey to France   add
  12. Two Lazzi   add
  13. Armanda's Tarantella Armanda's Tarantella Video  add
  14. Improvisation   add
  15. The World She Writes The World She Writes Video  add
  16. Opposite You Opposite You Video  add
  17. My Body Wasn't Why My Body Wasn't Why Video  add
  18. Scenario: The Madness of Isabella   add
  19. Flaminio Scale's Ominous Dream   add
  20. The World She Writes (reprise)   add
  21. Rise and Fall   add
  22. The Moon Woman   add
  23. The Glorious Ones (reprise)   add
  24. I Was Here
  25. Armanda's Sack   add
  26. Finale   add

The novel of the famous American writer Francine Prose became a basis of the musical. There was a positive opinion of the famous American magazine published, where the theatrical was called joyful & entertaining. Writer L. Ahrens produced the histrionics’ libretto, and all musical components belonged to a hand of S. Flaherty.

At first time, the musical was staged in 2007 in Pittsburgh Public Theater, after that it lasted less than a month. In the same year, the play opened in Mitzi E. Theater and was staged until the beginning of 2008.

Graciela Daniele was engaged in both direction & choreographic numbers. Roles of participants of the troupe were played by such tremendous actors as: N. V. Belcon, M. Kudisch, E. Davie, and others.

In 2014, another version, produced by the Toronto Civic Light Opera Company, opened in Canada. The part of Flaminio was acted by well-known Joe Cascone, and Joanne Kennedy was starring as his mistress.
Release date: 2007
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