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Album lyrics:
  1. Prologue: The Glorious Ones 
  2. Making Love Making Love Video
  3. Pantalone Alone 
  4. The Comedy of Love 
  5. Scenario: The Madness of Columbine 
  6. The Comedy of Love (reprise) 
  7. The Glorious Ones (reprise) 
  8. Madness to Act 
  9. Absalom Absalom Video
  10. The Invitation to France 
  11. Flaminio Scale's Historical Journey to France 
  12. Two Lazzi 
  13. Armanda's Tarantella Armanda's Tarantella Video
  14. Improvisation 
  15. The World She Writes The World She Writes Video
  16. Opposite You Opposite You Video
  17. My Body Wasn't Why My Body Wasn't Why Video
  18. Scenario: The Madness of Isabella 
  19. Flaminio Scale's Ominous Dream 
  20. The World She Writes (reprise) 
  21. Rise and Fall 
  22. The Moon Woman 
  23. The Glorious Ones (reprise) 
  24. I Was Here
  25. Armanda's Sack 
  26. Finale 

Glorious Ones, The review

Glorious Ones, The Review - Broadway musical

With the cheerful music of Stephen Flaherty, the strange troupe of comedians invites the audience to Italy of the 16th century, telling about the life and diluting vulgar jokes with dramatic revelations. The musical will hardly surprise with something original, if the viewer is already familiar with commedia dell’arte genre. Actors don't do anything original, and clownish suits, as well as images, seem very and very clichéd. The dwarf, the Arlechino, and a beautiful noblewoman – what can be more banal?

On the other hand, it is necessary to agree with journalists of New York Times, that this ordinary humor and classical comical show has something attractive. At some point, you are even filled with sympathy to the main character, who continually tries to kill himself – whether for fun or really. Marc Kudisch appears as the real leader of troupe – self-confidence is supported with depth of his velvety voice. Kudisch obviously feels oneself at ease and exudes complacency. However, we see as real human problems and experiences that are behind a curtain of a humor and trite jokes, and actors undoubtedly should be praised for that.

The number of characters here is not glaring at all. Julyana Soelistyo as the faddish dwarf, Arlechino – Jeremy Webb and charming Erin Davie look surprisingly harmoniously, as well as the other participants of troupe. Dancing numbers are dynamic and well put, despite their plainness, all this action looks quite spiritedly.

Certainly, this comic genre, which has really passed through centuries, as the main character says in the end of the musical, has the right for existence. Eventually, these obscene jokes, as correctly as it possible, show another, dirty side of life of the travelling troupe, their internal disagreements and love intrigues. The absence of love to low-grade humor isn't an argument enough not to watch the musical, but can disappoint the viewer, as such works are only for the special audience that is cynical enough to behold the world as it is.
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