Gigi synopsis

Gigi synopsis

Gigi Synopsis - Broadway musical

The viewer meets the rich bachelor, whose name is Gaston, tired of the luxurious life and uncountable number of women. He gets satisfaction only from socializing with the old friend of his uncle, Madame Alvarez, whom he tenderly calls Mamita. But even more he enjoys society of her granddaughter, pretty and carefree Gigi who is actually called Gilberte. His uncle Honoré Lachaille once had romantic relations with Madame Alvarez, but over time, memory about former feelings was erased.

Mamita sends Gigi to Alicia, her aunt, to learn, according to family traditions, to be the courtesan. First, Gigi appears as the incapable student, as she doesn't understand the purposes and the reasons of the training. She doesn't understand love intrigues, but despite it, she likes to spend time with Gus, though she perceives him as an elder brother. Alicia is dissatisfied when the girl leaves for holidays with Gus and Mamita without her consent. She claims that the girl has to pay more attention to the education if she wants to catch Gaston. Madame Alvarez is dissatisfied, but understands, what advantages it will bring to the girl. Nobody devotes Gigi in the plans, and the girl, though she isn't especially successful in study, patiently goes through all the hardships.

Once Gaston makes a visit and sees Gigi in a magnificent white dress. He offends her in confusion, declaring that she looks disgustingly, and takes off for a door. Later he repents and offers the girl a joint dinner as an apology. Mamita refuses, explaining him that society of the person with his reputation can do much harm to the future of the girl. Furious Gaston wanders along the Parisian streets.

He comprehends his feelings to Gigi and suggests Madame Alvarez to give him the girl as the mistress, in exchange promising to take care of her and to provide her with money. The girl, however, declares that doesn't want to depend on men and to be someone's mistress. Gaston is shocked by her words. Nevertheless, later, Gigi contacts him and agrees with a proposed role.

After that, the audience for the first time sees her as a woman, but not a young girl. Gaston takes her to the expensive Parisian restaurant where she behaves elegantly and feels at ease, without former awkwardness. However, Gaston understands how the girl looks in his company. He understands that loves her too much to hold near oneself as the mistress. Soon he takes her away from the restaurant without any explanation. When they come to Madame Alvarez, he makes her the proposal of marriage.
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