Gigi review

Gigi review

Gigi Review - Broadway musical

Complexity of the performances based on the plot, similar to the novel "Gigi", consists, generally, in sustaining a fine line, separating a charm of rich levity and forwardness from openly trite tones. And, in this relation, the movie of 1958 is amazingly good. No wonder that the love story, shaded by delightful landscapes, parks and fountains, brought to the Lerner-Loewe duet recognition and commercial success.

However, despite different formats, it may safely be said that Anita Loos's musical of 1951 isn't inferior to the movie at all. Certainly, it is impossible to call that only young and charming Audrey Hepburn's merit, but she really introduced in Gigi's role the versatility, sincerity and a female seduction that are her way.

Comparing this play to the musical of 1973 and Hepburn with Karin Wolfe, the second undoubtedly lose to the first in everything, from the atmosphere to the intensity of the central character. And even legendary "The Earth and Other Minor Things" sounds absolutely differently. Joseph Hardy's musical, without doubts, could dip the viewer into the beauty and charm of expensive suits and bright surroundings, but to understand, what Colette wanted to convey, it would be rather hard.

However, the play of 2015, which could be seen in Kennedy Center's Eisenhower Theatre, pleasantly surprises. Despite the contradictory attitude to the modernization of the classic versions, the audience, apparently, was struck on the spot by charming Gigi – Vanessa Anne Hudgens. And no wonder: we don't know any people who remain indifferent by the sight of a bewitching mimicry of this sunny girl.

All in all, everyone has its own perception of the events on-a-stage. On the assumption of how difficult it was to get tickets on this musical, in spite of the fact that the theme of courtesans and marriages of convenience has become outdated a long time ago, it is possible to conclude that the audience is really involved in similar plots even if thoughts of the author aren't always reproduced correctly.
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