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I Can't Stand Still Lyrics

I never walk when I can run
I don't believe I ever could
People try to slow me down
Sayin', "Boy you really should
kick back and chill"
But I can't stand still
I called the doctor, he said, "Son,
I cannot offer you a pill"
So I never found relief
And now I've got to move until
I've had my fill
I can't stand still
Back where I come from
Life's never humdrum
I wish I could take you there
Oh, we had the world at our feet
Life was sweet
Ain't no doubt
Grab a seat
Check it out
Oh, I thought it never would end
But I lost it somehow
Would you look at me now?
I'm tryin' hard to tone it down
Gotta watch my P's and Q's
Maybe look before I leap
And then I think, "Hey, what's the use?"
Ain't done it yet
And I can't forget how it feels when you dance 'til you drop
So don't even start to suggest that I stop
I never will
I can't...
No no no no
No no no no...
I can't stand still
Last Update: March, 28th 2014

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