Fame synopsis

Fame synopsis

Fame Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story begins and the viewers see a very motley group of energetic young people of different ethnic and social strata, gathered in a classroom for auditing to enroll in the study at the School of Performing Arts. Their mentor, a woman, tells them that studying here will need all their strength and a lot of work so they wouldn’t imagine that it will be easy. They perform several different dances, during which stands one of the participants, not able to catch the right rhythm with the others. He says he deserves more, and as the result of such, he begins to do a hip-hop dance, which is then supported by all the others. Mentor sees that he has the talent of the choreographer. She connects him with a ballerina, but she begins to mock the fact that he has no academic knowledge in dance and he is furious about if and dance the energetic fling. She apologizes to him and they kiss.

On stage, there is one very passionate girl from Latin America, which performs so magnificent dance that the whole room just torn to pieces from this performance of her and one of them desires to possess her. Other couple of boy and a girl does a rehearsed dance scene together, and she opens to the audience that she is in love with this guy, but he is totally focused on the job, because of which she suffers. Some people interact, creating their own musical band. For example, one girl comes to keyboard player with the lyrics for his music, which he constantly strumming on the piano. After the sample and easy modification of her creation of a pen, he takes her to his band, and she kisses him.

Young people begin to organize social relations among themselves, swear and make peace. One of them breaks his hand to another and surrounders begin to suspect that he is gay, although he denies the obvious fact to others. As often occurs among young people, some of them start smoking, and others – to addict to some more serious drugs, and others berate them for it. One of the students, Tyrone, is a bad academic learner, but argues that it is not necessary for him to read and write, because he is a dancer above all, and some teachers even argue among between them because of him.

Tyrone and ballerina dance a pas de deux and the two of them get closer together even more. But he is recommended to stay in school for the second year to bring up his academic knowledge, although one of the theaters ready to accept him. While one girl began to drown down because of the use of psychotropic drugs, and one friend gives her a couple of dollars.

One pair of beloved on prom say goodbye and depart at different colleges, like all the others, who were spreading in all directions and wait excitingly for the upcoming thrilling life.
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