Fame review

Fame review

Fame Review - Broadway musical

This musical had so many different productions that it has phenomenal number of music recordings of its various manifestations. During the period 1993 – 2012, 19 different recordings were performed! In particular, they were from: Sweden, London, Spain, Poland, Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Broadway, Barcelona, Iceland, Porugaliya, Madrid, Hungary (remake), Thailand, South Korea, Brazil. Among the awards, it has 3 pieces of Laurence Olivier – for best musical, lead actress and choreography.

Source for the story served a film named the same, Fame, which was filmed in 1980 and musical premiered 8 years later, in Florida. The story of several students of music and dance school, which meet, acquaint, diverge into adulthood with all its charms and challenges. Someone begins to live together, someone starts taking illegal drugs and degrades due to this, and someone are disappointed that she and his boyfriend has different paths in life and they are departing in different colleges, planning to meet at a distance (which, as we all know, does not end with anything other than separation). These companies are mostly dancers, but there are actors, composers, songwriters, singers and other characters. The very histrionics is quite simple due to lack of plot, uncomplicated acting and the ability to make changes easily in the acting progress. You can even improvise. As a result of this versatility of musical, it is popular in various productions, especially the amateur.

This musical you can love at least for the fact that it does not have Zac Efron, which already tired all. Here we have completely intelligent, but not flamboyant, dialogues, cheerful, but not a puppy-cheered, songs and choreography, of course, is a cherry on the cake, as we are talking about the dancers in a special school, which has an emphasis on music and dance education, in addition, giving some academic knowledge too. There are its leaders and outsiders, and in general, it is full-of-youth-energy musical, which must be praised at least for the fact of its existence. It has with no exaggeration, furious energy and passion allowed it to play for decades (if you aggregate all its exhibitions all over the world) that are not just great, but even worthy of the Guinness Book of Records.

The song titled Can’t Keep It Down, in which one of the leaders-participants states that he cannot physically restrain his little bold daredevil when he sees a beautiful girl, in the opinion of some critics, might seem a bit out of place due to age of the audience. But it is necessary to remember that some already have children at the age of 15 years, so there is nothing unusual in the fact that someone exhibits own physiology, not wanting to hide it (simply, the acting to the public,
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