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The original composition of cast on Broadway was: J. Metz, H. Perrineau Jr., M. Cintron, T. Brown & J. Malina. Preliminary readings were in Philadelphia, where for 1 month the show deserved rating of "hit" and loyal audience. Off-Broadway depicting began in 2003 and until 2004, 304 performances were given, if counting with previews. Following changes in the composition, the actors shifted on: C. Freeman, M. Lynche, S. Evans, C. J. Hanke & N. Leach.

After a Broadway show, there was an incredible variety of productions. The first American tour took place in 2003 (covering more than 100 locations). This was followed by 200 hits in 2012 in North America. Then the musical went on an international tour, visiting more than a quarter of hundreds of countries, where among others were: Czech, Ireland, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Hungary, Australia, Estonia, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Sweden (here the musical was staying for 4 years).

In the West End, production came in 2002 and won three Olivier awards. Show gathered 56 million pounds-sterling, setting a record for the number of parallel shows in the same place – as much as 7. The national tour on the UK was launching several times between 2002 and 2011 years. The most eminent among actors in various musical productions were: M. Ayesa, B. Dickson & N. Sullivan. In Italy, the play was in 2003, 2004–2006 and 2009–2010. Spain beheld histrionics over the period of 2004–2009, Estonia – 2006, Portugal – 2005, Puerto Rico – 2005, Denmark – 2008, France – 2008, the Netherlands – 2013, Australia – 2010, Dublin – 2010, Thailand – 2011.

In addition to these, there were other production, less notable, the last of which happened in the middle of 2015 and we are confident that this will not be the end, because the show has turned out bright and colorful.
Release date: 2003
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