Drowsy Chaperone, The synopsis

Drowsy Chaperone, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Events allegedly twisted in the mind of the man who sits in a chair in his rundown home and listens to the recording of non-existent musical The Drowsy Chaperone, created on Broadway in 1928. Suddenly, his apartment was transformed into a stage on which this musical goes. Events unfold around one oil tycoon who plans a wedding to the musical actress, who wants to finish her career and to become his wife. On the other hand, there are the gangsters, whose owner invested his money in a musical named Follies, where the future wife of tycoon plays a major part. Her silly and unpointed henchman Kitty wants to take the place of the lead actress after bride fiancé leaves the play. Mobsters require that a musical director by any means, thwart the engagement, because they don’t think that the financial success of the musical will happen if the main star leaves the stage. Kitty could not prove that she was talented enough to take the place of a leading actress and director is now trying to save the situation by hiring hottie handsome, so he seduced the bride.

The future groom worries about the upcoming event and, to relieve tension, his best man advises him to roll in the back garden with a blindfold, which is undoubtedly difficult but distracting. Seeing him doing this, his bride captures him and pretends to be some kind of a Frenchwoman, talking to him about that and about this, so he feels she is very similar to his bride & kisses her. She is furious that he kissed some French girl, announces the cancellation of the wedding, despite the sluggish attempts of the groom to protest. Her bridesmaid was confused with the bride by hired seducer and now, believing that he had seduced the bride, he informs all that the wedding is canceled for this reason. Then he was told of mistake.

Bride of magnate, Janet, eventually agrees with his arguments that he kissed the girl, just thinking about Janet. As a result, they are again planning a wedding. Director of Follies says to gangsters about a new star of the show, thick-headed Kitty. Latter declares to "representatives of producer" that she will be the wife of the director soon. In the backyard, of the house a plane suddenly lands and best man remembers that he did not find a priest for the wedding. In addition, all getting-married want to be espoused here and today. So they ask the pilot of the aircraft to marry them according to sea and air regulations, when the captain of the ship can be a betrothing priest. They board the plane to make it and to fly on it to their honeymoon.
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