Where is the Justice? (Reprise) lyrics - Death Note

Where is the Justice? (Reprise) lyrics

Where is the Justice? (Reprise)

Kira is all the justice
We will ever need
Now it's the criminals
Who tremble, beg, and plead

No lawyers' tricks
Will be of any use to them
Kira is the judge and jury
Who will punish and condemn

Laws are for protecting us
At least, they oughtta be
But instead, they set the bad guys free

Talk about the victims
Fin'ly there's some justice
It's Kira who can give them hope
And change the way things are

Kira's for the people
The forgotten victims
All the ones the system simply turns away
A little more each day

Kira gives back our justice
Yes, he is our justice

Kira is narcissistic
It's his fatal flaw
He's sure his actions
Somehow supercede the law

His overconfidence
Will help distort his view
I'll out think him 'til I win
If it's the last thing that I do

Kira knows

I am their justice

Striking blows

For all the victims

He's our law
Kira is justice

What good is law that can't
Punish those who break it?
We deserve some justice

I am the justice

I am the justice

I am the justice Last Update: September, 27th 2019

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