The Way It Ends lyrics - Death Note

The Way It Ends lyrics

The Way It Ends

[L: Verse 1]
I'm sitting down and pouring tea as if I do it every day
Go through the motions like the hands upon a clock
Though it feels right a part of me knows that it's wrong
As if another's will had moved me

It's like I'm hitting all my marks, as if I'm acting in a play
So out of character, yet somehow not a shock
I'm like a software program caught in an endless loop
Just bad code that keeps repeating

[L: Chorus]
Is this the way it ends now?
How could I not see this coming?
My camera's cloudy lens now
Takes much darker pictures than before

[Light: Verse 2]
I know by now you understand you're but a pawn upon a board
I've won the game but never gave up half my years
Life will continue just the way I've always planned
Let the cold, hard justice crash the system

I've always stayed a step ahead
But you were with me the whole way
Until I played upon a Shinigami's fears
For Misa's love, she wrote your name then left upon a breeze
Into the sands of dust and darkness

[Light: Chorus]
This is the way it ends now!

See it flicker, hear it humming

My power just extends now!
Rem has written, you will write no more!

[L: Bridge]
I've seen through you right from the start!

I've simply let you play your part!

You'll never ever get away!

Don't you see that you will die today?

[L: Chorus]
Is this the way it ends now?
How could I not see this coming?
The message that it sends now
Sounds exactly like a closing door

This is the way it ends now!
See it blazing, hear it drumming

Like a closing door!

Feel how a minute spends now
When you wish you had a minute more

Like a closing door

A minute more
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