Where is the Justice? lyrics - Death Note

Where is the Justice? lyrics

Where is the Justice?

Where is the justice
When the guilty all go free?
Why don't we lock them up
And throw away the key?

I see a young man's anger burning in your eyes

What you see is my impatience
With your noble compromise

Show me what's right about
The wrongs that we allow
Real people need to feel
Protected here and now

This whole damn system’s broken way beyond repair
It's just law not law and order
Not much good and seldom fair

[Student #1]
Laws are made for everyone
We're treated all the same

Till a lawyer's tricks can fix the blame

Let the corporations
Make the regulations
And hold no one accountable
When everything goes wrong

Let the rich and famous
Get away with murder
Every time a high-priced
Mouth-piece starts to talk
His client gets to walk

Tell me, where is the justice?
If there’s any justice

Where's the justice?
Tell me where!

Where is the justice

Tell me where!

For all the victims?

Tell me where!

Where is the justice?
What good is law that can’t
Punish those who break it?

[Student #2]
Make their speeches all day long
While judges pushing pencils
Mostly get it wrong
(Mostly get it wrong!)

[Student #3]
Instead of loopholes
For the laws to fall between
Let some good old-fashioned pay-back
Grease the wheels of a machine
(Grease the wheels of the machine)

Isn't everybody sick to death of all this stuff?
Can't we all stand up and say enough?
(We've had enough)

(Justice, justice, justice, now's the time for)

Listen to the families
Hiding in their houses (justice, justice)
All of them afraid to walk the streets at night
With all their doors locked tight
We must give them their justice

Where is the justice?

We owe them some justice

Where is the justice?

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