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Critics generally were favorable to the emergence of this musical where the actors themselves were dancers or dancers were actors (hard to say, because they are of the same quality did both). Unlike most musicals, where there are many running and bustle, where many actors are casted to deploy out the story line, this dance performance attracts to itself not clear with what. There is no single bright scene or a phenomenal acting game, nor even bright costumes. What is here – a good ensemble, intelligent flow of emotions and it is completely filled with dance, from beginning to end. Critics also noted that it has revived the orderly flow of the emotional component, which was not vivid enough in cynical musicals of 1990–2000 due to what the true magic of the theater was born. It was compared with the musicals that are being made by Rodgers & Hart, evidently allowing themselves unfettered assessment of the high quality of the final product. It's like the work of a director in the field of cinema to be compared with those of Tarantino, acknowledging so ingenious material flow, filled with fine lines of humor, eclectics, emotional components, as the fantastic work of this maestro.

It has Tony Award for Best Musical in 2000, for best choreography, best actress and best actor. 3 Drama Desk Awards. 1 nomination for Tony Award for the best actress.

All the songs in this production are pre-recorded, no one sings live. Although this production positions itself as a musical, but it has almost no conversation, the actors do not sing but only dance. However, its format – only small details that do not affect the overall success of the show. The number of its plays only on Broadway (1010) allowed it to enter the top of those musicals that have currently more than 1,000 hits, which is considered quite successful.

During the dance, the performers do different numbers including using of the classical music (Tchaikovsky), contemporary (The Beach Boys), and other (same Rodgers & Hart). The audience here will see both group and solo dances that were masterfully choreographed by Susan Stroman, who combined this activity with directing and was a general creator of the show. Dance styles are different also, from the ballet to swing. Some dancers (K. Kuhl or M. F. Wild) have demonstrated the acrobatic training, showing an example of a very frank dance that excites.

Each part tells stories through dance. Someone escapes from their daily downtrodden being. Someone finds a fresh air from emotions raging inside, showing along that in everyday life, this person is no different from the rest and is the creation of mystical dancing is held only today and only now.
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