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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture "A Connecticut Yankee" 
  2. My Heart Stood Still
  3. Thou Swell
  4. On A Desert Island With Thee
  5. To Keep My Love Alive
  6. Can't You Do A Friend A Favor?
  7. I Feel At Home With You
  8. You Always Love The Same Girl
  9. Finale "A Connecticut Yankee" 
  10. Bonus Tracs
  11. New Nothing But You by Shirley Ross
  12. Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon by Shirley Ross
  13. From Another World by Shirley Ross 
  14. It Never Entered My Mind by Shirley Ross
  15. Careless Rhapsody by Hildegarde Careless Rhapsody by Hildegarde Video
  16. Jupiter Forbid by Hildegarde Jupiter Forbid by Hildegarde Video
  17. Ev'rything I've Got by Hildegarde
  18. Nobody's Heart by Hildegarde 

Connecticut Yankee, A synopsis

Connecticut Yankee, A Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical of 1927th production, tells that in 1920 some guy named Martin must marry a certain girl named Fay. Martin is visited by his old love named Alice and Fay knocks her fiancé in a fit of jealousy, and he falls into a blackout. At that time, he has a dream that takes him into the yard of King Arthur, in the year 528 B. C. He falls in love with a beautiful girl named Demoiselle Alisande, pronouncing with French charm, as she calls herself. She is depicted by Alice. Morgan Le Fay – the evil king's sister, who is portrayed by Fay, somehow does not want very much to accept the fact that Martin falls in love with Alisande and organizes her kidnapping. What makes her so much unpleased – is unknown. Martin finds and rescues Alisande, realizing that he really loves Alice, rather than Fay. Waking up, he breaks up with Fay.

Mark Twain, who originally wrote this story, certainly is glad that the adaptations of his works are performed for many times. There was even a screen version – the film – which played by a black actor and it was done as a comedy. Adaptation of 1943 was tied more to the realities of war, heroes rode in a jeep, and the evil sister was transformed into singer-sorceress, while the same plot was maintained in general.
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