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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture "A Connecticut Yankee" 
  2. My Heart Stood Still
  3. Thou Swell
  4. On A Desert Island With Thee
  5. To Keep My Love Alive
  6. Can't You Do A Friend A Favor?
  7. I Feel At Home With You
  8. You Always Love The Same Girl
  9. Finale "A Connecticut Yankee" 
  10. Bonus Tracs
  11. New Nothing But You by Shirley Ross
  12. Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon by Shirley Ross
  13. From Another World by Shirley Ross 
  14. It Never Entered My Mind by Shirley Ross
  15. Careless Rhapsody by Hildegarde Careless Rhapsody by Hildegarde Video
  16. Jupiter Forbid by Hildegarde Jupiter Forbid by Hildegarde Video
  17. Ev'rything I've Got by Hildegarde
  18. Nobody's Heart by Hildegarde 

Connecticut Yankee, A review

Connecticut Yankee, A Review - Broadway musical

At the opening on Broadway in 1927, it was the biggest hit of that time, which, if extrapolated to today's time, can be compared to The Phantom Of The Opera, with its 12+ thousands views.

What's remarkable about it? The plot is already described in the section "Synopsis". Apart from this flamboyant component, this exuberant musical contained very colorific actresses – as in the original version (fiery sipid beauty Constance Carpenter and June Cochrane – the latter also liked to appear nude in a variety of magazines and printed publications), as well as in its resurrection, which took place in WWII wartime (Vivienne Segal). And even later in the movie of 1949 (Rhonda Fleming).

What is the difference of Old Hollywood from the modern? Apart from the obvious disadvantages such as black-and-white photos and videos, hissing sound, as it was no good equipment that is now generally available to anyone who has at least Nokia, not to mention the Samsung Galaxy, the old Hollywood had its own charm. Excellent haircuts, clothes, styles and high attention to the overall scenery. Maybe then the theater was much too outlier in terms of showing emotions and acting, too ornate by today's times, where people very exaggerated their play, but they took more sincerity and dedication. Profession of actor was not considered as a tool for the popularity and earning a lot of money, but as something magical, with restricted access, a circle, which adopted only favorites. This gave birth to such masterpieces, which could hold out on the stage nearly 500 plays, that today is comparable to 10 000. Inflation in the theater is similar to the inflation of money.

You only look at the dress of Constance Carpenter – charming, like her smile, coupled with the professional game – is an example of how a person should reveal herself on the scene.

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