Christmas Carol, A synopsis

Christmas Carol, A Synopsis - Broadway musical

The good old fairy tale about the spirits of Christmas, which comes to Ebenezer Scrooge – miser, on behalf of which was even Scrooge McDuck named, as the personification of causeless, avaricious greed only for gaining money. The three first spirits of Christmas are shown in their human forms – igniter of road lights (while they still was working on gas or kerosene and had to be alight every evening, and to extinguished every morning) (a spirit of Past), a clicker in charity musical (represents the Present), blind woman-beggar (Future). The main characters of the musical – the family of an honest young man who works for the mentioned miser, so greedy that his office/home is terribly cold, almost like outside the street and all workers have to freeze out there, working in the street clothes.

Bob Cratchit – a worker of Scrooge, buys a chicken for Christmas with his son. The appearance of the spirit of Jacob Marley is depicted as a dozen of people that dance and play scenes from everyday life. One of the spirits shows old colleague of Scrooge, the same, if not more, meanie, which had safe with money instead of the heart. Needless to say that no one in the city likes Scrooge, which is evil and powerful, and beating the local poor with a stick every time he passes by him. The purpose of Scrooge – the accumulation of money and he spends ridiculously little, putting everything in the safe, even what could be spent on food.

The father of Ebenezer Scrooge owed a lot of money and as a result, he was sentenced to prison for debts, and he had to leave while his family was looking for him. This is a reference to the childhood of the writer Charles Dickens, his dad acted like that.

A Spirit of the Present shows us a very bright version of the charity show, which was held in the name of love and the fame of Christmas, when people have to share and to celebrate & to show sincerity. Spirits collectively depict to Scrooge that he lives improperly through the prism of joy and happiness in the homes of ordinary people, he sees his employees hate him because they cannot afford to buy even the most necessary things for them and their families, because he pays them badly. He sees scenes where people gain more in return when they give. As a result, by the end of the play, we see how this all changes the miser Scrooge. He becomes an openhearted, his face gains a smile, and he begins, though slowly, to be
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