Can-Can review

Can-Can review

Can-Can Review - Broadway musical

It plunges you into the atmosphere of Paris of 1890, where glamor and glitter of gambling houses, saloons and brothels tightly adjacent to poverty, dirty streets and ragamuffins. Nevertheless, we shall see only the first part of this – the beauty. Can-Can was then terribly scandalous dance and some say that if was invented by quite un-sober fallen women who get on stage without underwear to demonstrate all her charms under her skirt to increase the flow of new customers to herself. But rumors are rumors. Over time, it has become an art, and quite fascinating one. And not lost its charm because of the exciting and enthusiastic dancers whose underwear attributes become a part of the dance. It now could be beautiful, fitting up tight or not, there can be garters or stockings on the legs – many variations that make a dance attractive, full of choreography and requires, moreover, to be very well in fitness. After a few minutes of high lift up of legs to the music, and beautiful too, you tired a lot. And if we are talking about dance, rapidly gaining popularity, – that it had to be danced for hours – it will be better than any workout at the sports club.

Musical simply marched triumphantly through the world of Broadway in 1951 and now this dance is loved and performed in many places. It consistently attracts customers at any theater or cabaret or a film. Well, in 1890 it was banned and too outspoken, what to say – lovers of strawberry sat for whole days in such cabarets to watch the forbidden fruit.

Echoes of the main promoter of this dance, French Toulouse-Lautrec, found its reflection even in modern musicals – Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman and Evan McGregor, for example, played by charming devil John Leguizamo, who is quite versatile actor. There Toulouse inspired the creation of a brilliant new musical, which breathed new life into the Moulin Rouge – that time cabaret / brothel of the third class, which suffered a decline, and made this place fantastically successful, with the result that it has become a symbol of France and Parisian gem.

The plot revolves not only around dance, but also around love and the viewer gets one of the many answers to the question – which is higher – love or principles? In particular, we investigate the question of morality. It turns out that the feeling of love is still higher than the sense of principle. It is widely common theme, which is used almost everywhere. One often weights is love in its various cover versions (falling in love, passion, desire of intercourse, the desire to reproduce with a strong male or a nice female, hot love, crazy love, etc.). And on the second side is a variety of essential counterweights (moral principles (as in this musical), prohibition or breaking the law (film Romeo and Juliet), the structure of society (film Divergent), the company's activities (film The Island, of 2005), the success of the grand event (Moulin Rouge again) or many other examples).
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