Busker Alley synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Opening 
  3. Blow Us A Kiss 
  4. Hula Love Song 
  5. Never Trust A Lady 
  6. When Do I Get Mine? 
  7. Strays 
  8. Mates 
  9. What To Do With 'er? 
  10. He Has A Way / She Has A Way 
  11. When the Moonlight's Bright In Brighton 
  12. Busker Alley 
  13. How Long Have I Loved Libby? 
  14. Baby Me 
  15. Act 2
  16. Ordinary Couples 
  17. Tin Whistle Tune 
  18. Where The 'ell Is 'ome? 
  19. Where Are The Faces? 
  20. Paddle Your Own Canoe
  21. Charlie the Busker 
  22. Epilogue 
  23. He Had A Way 

Busker Alley synopsis

Busker Alley Synopsis - Broadway musical

Charles is a poor street musician who works sometimes alone, sometimes in a trio with the same street musicians. He met talented Libby – her talent extends on the music, stealing wallets on the streets, dancing and avoiding the police. Charles includes her in his music trio and now they are a team of four, therefore, the quartet.

Once she stole a gold cigarette case of some rich man named Prentiss, who happened to be a writer of songs. It so happened that they talked and he liked Libby. He invites her to work with him, and she easily accepts it because he can offer much more prospects than her former ragged semi-dirty company. She announces her retirement to Charles. He asks her to marry him, but she rudely rejects his proposal and leaves. He abandons the music play and begins to drink from grief, sinking to the bottom.

Libby meets with the rich and powerful people who opened her the way to the top of show business. Soon she becomes a famous singer. At this time, she offers marry to Prentiss, but he refused, arguing that he doesn’t want she ever left him, as she did Charles, when he was just another step on the path to her success. He does not want to become such a faceless step.

In the final scene, when she leaves the hall where she just sang, she meets a crowd of journalists and curious persons who want to see the celebrity. Charles is among this crowd. He hands her a notebook and pen, to receive her autograph. But she only roughly pushes him back into the crowd.
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