Bullets Over Broadway review

Bullets Over Broadway Review - Broadway musical

The musical with the original idea and not a very good implementation. It is strange that such a number of awards were given to it, in spite of only 150+ performances on Broadway. Perhaps influenced by the aura of classic Woody Allen, who has done a very good movie 20 years ago. Therefore, a strong half of awards can easily move to him, as a tribute to his talent that made such a plain story to become a masterpiece, but not to this implementation.

Yes, of course, everything is based on many factors, as opposed to some that has only plot or only libretto as a strong part of the line – this may be found in other musicals, worked out only from one side. For example, there is a impudent sexuality of an actress who portrays overly erotic Olive. And it goes a contrast – she is incredibly stupid in everything that concerns the talents that should be inherent in the actors. We are saying now about this character – Olive, not about an actress who portrayed her. Latter has it all what it requires. And she uses to the fullest to display the sad sack on stage – the over-play, having no right colors, full of profanity. Or, for example, take a look at such a hero as the author of the musical inside of this musical. He was 24 years old, somewhere talented, but most of all – ambitious and persistent. And these two factors combined allowed him to receive funding for the project. But with the script, dialogues and generally all that concerns the filling of this project – he has a gaping hole instead of a juicy-full result. All the actors of his brainchild are on the verge of giving up to play in this because "he writes the way people don’t talk in real life". It may be perfectly fair comment, if applicable to display the life of mediocre people. At the same time there are up to 5% of those who actually smarter; they are rarely possess enough simple qualities such as a desire to unfold in front of others (with their talent or inner world) to make something funny & easy. The author of this future musical belongs to those 5% and wrote pathetic things, detached from the realities of everyday life. So he takes advises of a gifted mobster who controls the production. He is the generator of interesting ideas that enhance the musical, but still it remains at the level of farce, as evidenced by the final song where they sing about the bananas.

In general, the development of over 2.5 hours is a pretty ordinary musical – does what it has to and delivers humor, songs, choreography and costumes. Its creators originally had no intention to continue it for more than 1 or 2 seasons, so such a small number of shows not much surprising – it possesses the previously planned artificial limit. Too bad that it was really hard to distinguish where the actors’ talent ends, which we see on stage and where begins the mediocrity of depicted characters. The film was made with the brightest talent of Woody Allen, who has collected a whole heap of awards for his work. Fulfilling the same filigree play here failed. However, this histrionics can decorate your evening. But it is not something memorable for years.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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