Boy Friend, The review

Boy Friend, The Review - Broadway musical

This musical is a pretty tenacious staging, which lived for many time in live repertoire – for 5 years. It played in London in 1953, and then until the 2011 was staging on several continents and in general has given more than 3,000 performances. Who knows when it will be the following resurrection? But there is no doubts that it will be.

This show is a musical comedy in which events unfold around the girls who visit the school for noble girls. Of course, they are in puberty – just when you want all, a lot and often. But we also do not forget that we are in England, and so they not only have the appropriate accent, but they still possess fairly low-key parents who are very strict and too mentoring. And some of them are so afraid of an attempt to steel their property and wealth that forbid their daughters to meet any guys. This not only lowers girls’ self-esteem (because they are beginning to think that boys can meet them only because of the money of their families, and not because of them), but also abhorrent to the normal development of social relationships. Which, as it seems in this age, is critically important. However, for the development of an independent person, such meetings and relations with all, and most of all – with the opposite gender – are very important when your body goes through hormonal changes and mental transformations.

Despite the rather formal statement of the position of adolescents above, the musical is displayed far less boring and much more brightly. For example, we meet many boys in the course of the plot – which for some reason are not prohibited to appear in girls’ rooms without attendant. The owner of the school and their headmistress, Madame Dubonnet, who, despite her age and respectable social status, is Miss, is strict only superficially. In fact, it turns out that she does not keep a finger on the pulse of affairs of her students, and they here and there do affairs right under her nose. The culmination of such behavior is provocative ball where solid half of females adopt the love revelations of the boys.

Season everything that happens with aristocratic voices of many actors, add here four characters of rich and noble origin, a drop of pride, a bit of charm of British traditions, as well as a lot of humor. And, like olives on pizza, sprinkle on top of it with pink crumbs of laughter, puberty, timid kisses, colorful costumes and good mood – and you get a complete picture of this musical. It survived around 3,000 shows in the world precisely because of its brightness and high spirits that it gives.
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