Book of Mormon, The synopsis

Book of Mormon, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The two missionaries are shown. One of them is the mega-responsible person, worried about the new believers and is slightly arrogant. The second, though, completely devoted to his work, but is a hopeless nerd and very big liar who does not want to adhere sticky to conversational scripts. Some time after they were formed in the pair by their mentor and sent to Uganda where upon arrival they were immediately robbed by the local military junta. The local ruler is a terrible despot, a collection of all the sins of Mankind in one bottle, due to which the population of the country is mired in poverty and horrible unsanitary conditions, including AIDS.

The local population does not believe in the Christian God, and even constantly sings very blasphemous song. The missionaries are already experiencing some frustration, and they were being taken to a place of residence, where another few people live, their comrades who did not succeed to convert locals in their faith. One of the newcomers is trying to start proselytizing, but locals find him arrogant, and his faith as meaningless. In the meantime, the local kinglet comes to village and arranges outrage by executing one of the villagers on the spot. The second of the newcomers decided to proselytize people in his own way and very happy when one of the locals listens to him.

It is interesting that this preacher has never actually read the Book of Mormons. Therefore, in order to draw the public into believing, he invents stories, lively and interesting, which are seasoned with his personal charm and ability to tell interestingly. He includes folklore in his stories, certain general provisions of the Mormon faith, the Hobbits, Star Wars, as well as some information about his father. Locals accept such living histories quite vividly.

His second mate, experienced failure to work with the people of Uganda, throws his partner and wants to go Orlando. During the packing-up, he has nightmares, partly because he feels remorse because he had abandoned him, losing faith in the success. He wants to re-establish himself in Uganda, but the former partner does not want to accept him. In addition, the second has a success – 10 people have turned to the new faith. The Mission leaders come to them and congratulate with the successes, calling them one of the most outstanding figures in Africa in terms of acquisition new believers. But after the leadership recognizes that they are not taught the natives their faith, but some nonsense, they stopped their mission and imposed anathema on them. Nonetheless, both continued to live together with locals and preach to them the good and understanding, thereby engendered new faith.
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