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Book of Mormon, The Lyrics

This musical comedy is about religion and beliefs in general, where the libretto written by Trey Parker, the words were written by Robert Lopez, the music done by Matt Stone. These three are popular because of making fun of everything their arm touches – it's the same trio that created the mega-popular animated series South Park, where there is a constant, relentless satire on society.

The play, which was hosted by Eugene O'Neill Theatre, is a story about two missionaries who come to Uganda to preach their Mormon ideas, but hampered by a lack of understanding of the locals, who were not concerned by religion, but by problems such as AIDS, local bloodthirsty warlord, famine and epidemics. Through personal charm and cheerful metaphorical stories, missionaries eventually tip the scales in their favor and stay there to live, preaching a new religion they have invented.

In 2003, the musical began to be developed, but in 2008 started a substantive discussion on the play and Scott Rudin, who was also the producer of South Park, opened it on Broadway in 2011. Development was carried out with the participation of the Mormon Church and it gave fairly warm reviews about the musical. They even bought tickets to watch the premiere. Critics have taken the play very warm; everyone liked the sparkling humor and excellent quality, which is confirmed by total of 9 Tony Awards. West End took the play in 2013, and it survived through two national tours.
Release date: 2011
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