Billy Elliot synopsis

Billy Elliot synopsis

Billy Elliot Synopsis - Broadway musical

In 1984, Billy, a boy of 11 years old, growing up without a mother, accidentally learns of a section of the ballet and he wildly likes it. Being the only boy there, he quickly mastered the movements. His grandmother tells the story of how she had lived for many years in an unhappy marriage (Grandma's Song) and this immerses us into the gloom of the life of the boy. His father forbade him to attend classes when has learnt about his passion, while the teacher, on the contrary, encouraged him to do so and said that he should go to the ballet school in London. Billy wants to consult with his friend, and accidentally sees him in the dress, because he wants self-expression, and the society does not allow it.

Teacher's daughter falls in love with Billy when he takes private lessons, preparing to enter the school. When that day came, his father and brother found out about his lessons and begin to make fun of him, and his father even said that his mother is dead, in response to his statement that she would allow him to study ballet. It throws him into a rage, and he gives up the ballet.

After some time, Billy hears the music, which is played in a large hall for meetings and it prompts him to recall the ballet’s movements and he starts dancing. In that time, his father accidentally watched him and was impressed with his talent. After talking with his teacher, he finds out that the guy is talented and somehow it is organized that entire municipality raises money for a ticket for Billy to London to auditions for ballet school. On admission, he reveals to the commission that he is experiencing the deepest feelings when dancing – as if the Electricity passes through his body. After a week, by the letter from the school, we learn that Billy is in. Now he leaves the family and thanks the teacher for everything. He thanked all those who supported him and even his friend, who was gay, for being supportive in his quest to the self-expression. And goes alone in the direction of his large bright future.
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