Billy Elliot review

Billy Elliot review

Billy Elliot Review - Broadway musical

This shows you want to watch, even if you don’t like the theater. If you live in the world of gadgets and smartphones, you are in some way unlucky – it is not so simple to buy the tickets on this musical because they are sold at many views beforehand. Why is that? Because it is one of the most spectacular, fantastically thought-out, with excellent choreography musicals, which you’ll want to watch not once but 2 or more times. It had huge budgets around the world, which it consistently paid out. To some extent, it is even a conveyor of employment for many talented boys – the main role of Billie today played more than 100 (just think about this number!) boys all over the world only in professional productions, not to mention how many amateur shows were made.

If you count all shows, which were held for all time to all places of the world – only those which are official and it is known that they were – than the total number will exceed 5000 for sure. Only Broadway’s show has survived for more than 1,300 regular performances, excluding previews.

What is captivating about this musical, you ask? Costumes, story, songs, choreography, ballet skills, coupled to the leading person’s abilities – that's what. Everything is not just perfectly executed, but performers also look nice, the heart rejoices.

10 Tony awards weren’t given for nothing. In the musical, there are many feelings mixed, but the most important core is a wild desire of a person – a little boy – to express himself, in which he is strongly suppressed by his entourage. He sought to ballet, while was growing up among miners. Who were concerned only with continued strike. They simply have nothing to eat (and at the end of the play we learn that they will be fired altogether because haven’t win anything from the administration of the mine). However, they are raising money for the boy on a bus ticket to London, where he tried to enter the school of ballet, and he succeeds and has to leave the city in the end of the performance. Such protection by the seemingly harsh miners is akin to the way that in remote villages, the whole village dresses and provides with food and money one clever son of a local, who goes studying at the university, to give him a chance to become somebody. It's cute, it's sentimental, and even his father, who was himself a miner, changes his mind when he sees as his son dances and how much does he like it. Still, he understands that being a slave in mines for a boy is a coal cell in which he will wither away in a few days.

It is about of strong feelings, fantastically enjoyable adapted for the stage. That is why we're going to watch this musical, to enjoy the absolutely stunning atmosphere that pours upon us during each and every part.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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