Best of Broadway, The review

Best of Broadway, The Review - Broadway musical

Listening to The Music Of The Night, it is impossible to break away from it as Michael Crawford has so charming voice, just wow! And when it is superimposed on the stringed instruments – violin and bass, on top being supplemented with a gentle piano, as well as a pair of wind instruments, supplementing violins and upper registers of his voice, it just feels like you want to give in to this lulling-threatening voice of diabolical Michael.

Good Morning Baltimore travels to our ears with the roll-truck of fun and good mood without any reason, which is from the mouth of a little girl sounds as attempts to be just vainly fun according to the scenario. Her clean vocal does not tarnish from this, but rather looks very nice.

One is a very famous melody, which is ideal for the nature and the magic of Broadway – it has the touch of glamor, fun and exciting beauty of backstage and the ease with which made a lot of musicals – at least the viewer from the hall sees it so.

There's No Business Like Show Business – the song that is characterized by strong vocals and is the star of the show named Annie Get Your Gun, which, though not very successful itself, gave the world this melody that is remembered by many theater-goers.

Ol' Man River – a beautiful voice with a jazz accompaniment, which is difficult to forget. It is velvety, giving voluptuously pleasuring sound.

I Could Have Danced All Night – it's a pure voice of Audrey Hepburn, and all is said with it – the actress who is beautiful as an angel, and as pure as the morning dew on the green leaf. The magic of her playing and singing will always be with us.

If I Were A Rich Man – a strong male voice who sings in the folk genre something about how he would realized his dreams of a big house, if he would be a rich man and wise as King Solomon. And he naively believes that if he was rich, he would have had plenty of time just to sit in the synagogue and to pray, or that he would filled his yard with geese, ducks and other animals – as it seems to him, the outer side of wealth.

Cabaret is just a greeting card of Liza Minnelli, where she reveals fully. She is all in this – the public person, feeling on stage as if it would be her pedestal, which helps a big number of others to see her talent and herself – without such intimate openness she does not see herself. Even the fish in the water does not feel as uninhibited and confident, like Liza on stage. She is bright, fantastically direct, not constrained, she was born for the stage and seemed to be was born on the stage. She is stunning actress also – at least in this video that you see on this website – and she symbolizes all the world of show business with herself. The same relentlessly bright, capable of any eccentricity, if only people looked at her and admired!

The rest of the music, whether it is Let The Sunshine In, who is acted with a complete range of incomprehension, despair and inability to change something when you mistakenly sent to war – each song is full of. Full of professionalism, performance, emotion, vividness, making this collection to be the best selection from Broadway.
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