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Upgrade lyrics


This is my favorite place behind the school

Being here, with you right now
Our future is so clear
Our union is so near

Being here, with you right now
I'll tenderly guide you
Just take me inside you, forever

Your life was so pitiful before
Now it's time to go all the way and more

You gotta get an upgrade (upgrade) upgrade
You gotta get an upgrade (upgrade) upgrade

Don't worry about the guilt you feel
Just take a breath and seal the deal

Gotta get an upgra-a-ade
You gotta get an upgra-a-ade

Do you wanna come over?
To my place tonight
We'll get all sporty and play cricket
Or get a 40 and just kick it

My parents won't be home so it's alright
They laundered money now they're on the run
Wai- tha-that's illegal
Which means the house is empty, so that's fun
Oh yeah

Never hung with a girl like you before
I don't know if you know it, but I am sure

That for me you are an upgrade (upgrade) upgrade
Let's be each other's upgrade (oh wow) upgrade

While I am flattered, this is new
Still, I'm not sure what I should do

You gotta take the upgra-a-ade
Gotta take the upgra-a-ade

C-c-c'mon Jeremy, can't you see
We got a plan, now be a man
You start with Brooke, and then progress
And we assess and soon success
Will intervene, by which I mean



Christine (Christine)



Where've you been all day?

Really? So you're not the one who's been avoiding me?

It's called optic nerve blocking.
I have been blocking Michael from your field of vision.

Wait, what?

Michael is a link to Jeremy 1.0
To upgrade, you have to be willing to make sacrifices.

Seriously, what's up with you? You've been acting shady ever since- since...
It worked, didn't it?
Huh, Jeremy!
That's amazing!
We gotta test it out! No, we gotta celebrate! We gotta get stoned in my basement!

I already know what it's like to be the loser
I should find out what it's like to not be the loser
I don't wanna be special
I just wanna be chill as life will allow

Should I take the upgrade?
(Upgrade, upgrade, cont.)
Should I take the upgrade?
(No, no, no, cont.)

And I wasn't sure before
But now I wanna go all the way and more

So give me that upgrade (upgrade, upgrade)
Give me that upgrade (upgrade, upgrade, upgrade)
Tried to be genuine and true
But now it's time for something new
So give me that upgrade (upgrade, upgrade)
Give me that upgrade (upgrade, upgrade)
Maybe it doesn't matter how
I'm getting the upgrade right now

Jeremy, are you coming?

Optic nerve blocking on.

Now, let's get to work.

(Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh)

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