Avenue Q review

Avenue Q review

Avenue Q Review - Broadway musical

First of all, this production is for those who have grown and experienced all the "charms" of adulthood. Who learned that it is difficult, that they must fight with everything around you to find your way and to succeed in this constant struggle. It is about the difficulties and adversities, with which you have to face being a yesterday's college graduate. And it is tried to be displayed even through a rather complex control of puppets. After all, in addition to being a puppeteer, an actor himself often has to portray emotions in parallel, to act on the scene organically, and do not forget to properly interact with other characters. Say that this is difficult – is to say the half. Therefore, there were only very talented actors collected on the stage who were able to cope with all the simultaneous tasks.

Staging was opened in 2003 and continues to this day in various modifications – it travels around the globe, despite the closure on Broadway back in 2005. 2534 of Broadway presentations of the play were given, allowing the show to enter the top 25 of the longest plays ever. In addition, the show was re-opened there in 2009, and for all time, has won several Tony awards. In 2015, it is not expected to close the play and its creators already have quite a clear plan for at least 2016. Who knows, maybe in a few years will be the third reopening on Broadway – a fate of the show would be amusing in such case.

The show has seen a number of countries – USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, UK, China and Ireland.

So long staging allowed to cope better with many technical aspects of the show – control of puppets, their simultaneous managing by two people etc. But, unfortunately, for all time there was no logically explanation added – any considering sufficient – to the question, why some characters are performed by people, and some are puppets. This fact is not as alarming as it may seem, because anyway, plenty of people on the stage, and they are showing emotions, adding more depth with their movements and positions of the bodies to reveal the moment, than it can make a puppet. It is not surprising, because the puppets don’t possess the arsenal of facial expressions, which is available for people.

Show is for adults or, at least, for those who consider themselves as such. Kids will definitely not be interested in, despite the presence of dolls. But those topics that they discuss and even those things that they periodically do on stage – clearly are not for children's ears nor eyes.

What was the main bet when creating this show – is the complexity of adult life, the variety of challenges, which have been put to ones who was adult for long time already and both for those who just started their path in the field of senselessness of pastime, called life. That not always all utterly monotonous life situations in the end turned to happy endings. That development of things can be variable and life is hard and eventually ends with death.
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