Avenue Q synopsis

Avenue Q synopsis

Avenue Q Synopsis - Broadway musical

A new person comes to a large city, which, of course, have his own dreams of life and he seeks to implement them. After moving for living in the suitable living block, he meets the very lively characters who are as if a small representative sample of all society. One of them starts to talk to him about gays, and the second – about racism. The longer it goes, the tighter it becomes.

The events that begin then, cannot be called a whirlpool, but still quite reasonably interesting – one of the girls living in the house trying to seduce one of her neighbors, but as he refuses she considers this impossible. Another couple began to play the game with alcohol – whether on the strip, or simply for the sake of an interesting prelude – and it all ends with the act of coitus, eventually. Which affects that later this woman got fired from her job because she missed it without appropriate reasons.

Because of charging one of the characters in his non-traditional gender orientation, he becomes furiously mad, arguing the opposite (too explicit denial indicates not groundless assumptions of others about the topic). While some others decide to get married. And another couple of neighbors – to get apart.

Bright moment, filled with pity about the childhood occurs when the rich Trekkie Monster gives in impulse of the act of charity as much as USD 10 million that a school for monsters was built. After all, he was often teased at a regular school and because of it now he wants that other creations, looking not similar to another, were among their own kind, not being teased.

This play ends that a school for monsters begins to build, and someone finds his vocation (which emphasized with the song “For Now”).

Yes – and the majority of the persons involved – are puppet monsters akin to ones played in various productions, like Muppet Show or Sesame Street, who was led by puppeteers, and latter give them extra emotions.
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