Aladdin synopsis

Aladdin synopsis

Aladdin Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action takes place in a conventional middle-eastern city named Agrabah. Aladdin is one of the misfits on the streets of this city, stealing food trying to survive. When his mother dies, he decides to put an end to worthless vagrant living and gives himself a covenant never to steal, and generally prove to the world that he worth something. As it turned out, soon it becomes possible, because Jafar, Grand Vizier of the city, in an attempt to fight for the throne, wants to get into some kind of mysterious cave, in which he will find a lot of knowledge, but to get there he must be able to find out Aladdin and use his help, because grottos cave opens only to him, because he is like a rough diamond (Diamond In The Rough).
Then he and Jasmine – the princess and very naughty girl – face in the city, when Aladdin fun in idleness with his friends. They are imbued with sympathy for each other and they are hiding in the time a secluded place, where telling each other about their heavy fates and how uncomfortable they feel in current positions. Then Jasmine detected by custody and Aladdin is going to be executed, but rescued by fate with face of Jafar, who takes him to the cave, so he would opened it.

During the opening of the grottos, we find that Aladdin should pass magic lamp to Jafar and strictly touch nothing. But since he had broken this vault, trying to rake at least a few gold coins of those who were in the cave among the countless treasures, the cave shut, leaving him alone in the dark. He accidentally rubs the lamp and it turns out that it is a genie sitting there, which comes out and is ready to fulfill three wishes of Aladdin. Deceiving him, Aladdin is secured himself from the cave using no wishes, but then takes the first – to become a prince.

Aladdin unreasonably treats to the opportunities that a genie gave him – he uses the second wish on to get out of prison, and the third wish reserves for himself, rather than to free a genie. He resents on Aladdin and returns to the lamp, which was then stolen by one of his friends (who was rescued the previous day from the prison, ungrateful!). Aladdin will soon become the new ruler and very scared of this.

Jafar becomes the owner of the lamp and becomes the first sultan, and then wants to become a genie and got sucked into the lamp for an endless imprisonment. Aladdin sets genie free and sultan allows Jasmine marry Aladdin. They all continue living happily ever after.
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