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Shout Lyrics

Well, you know you make me wanna'
(Shout) Kick my heels up and
(Shout) Throw my hands up and
(Shout) Throw my head back and
(Shout) Come on now
(Shout) Don't forget to say you will
Don't forget to say yeah x5
(Say you will) Say it right now, baby
(Say you will) Come on, come on
(Say you will) Say that you
(Say you will) Say that you love me
(Say) Say that you need me
(Say) Say that you want me
Say) Don't ever leave me
Come on now x3
I still remember
When you use to be nine-years-old
I was a fool for you
From the bottom of my soul
Yeah, yeah
Now that you're grown up
And old enough to know (yeah, yeah)
You wanna leave me
You wanna let me go
I want you to know
I said I want you to know right now
You've been good to me, baby
Better than I've been to myself (Hey, hey)
And you ever leave me
I don't want nobody else (Hey, hey)
I said I want you to know
I said I want you to know right now
You know know you make me wanna
(Shout) Yeah, yeah
(Shout) Yeah, yeah, right
(Shout) All right x 2
(Shout) Come on now x2
(Shout) Yeah, yeah, yeah x 2
(Shout) Come on now, hey, hey x 2
(Shout) Alright now, yeah, yeah
Now wait a minute
I feel all right (Yeah, yeah x2)
Now that I've got my woman
I feel, hey, all right (Yeah, yeah x2)
You've been so good to me x 2
Well, you know you make me wanna'
(Shout) Lift my head up
(Shout) Throw my hands back
(Shout) Come on now x 4
(Shout) Take it easy x 4
A little bit softer now x 12
A little bit louder now x 6
Hey x 12
A little bit louder now x 4
Jump up and shout it now x 6
Jump (Shout) x 4
Last Update: February, 28th 2019

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