70, Girls, 70 synopsis

70, Girls, 70 synopsis

70, Girls, 70 Synopsis - Broadway musical

In the hotel for the elderly, The Sussex Arms, lived those, of whom no one cared. The building was as shabby as its inhabitants. Neither the fortitude, nor the presence of humor helped residents to get rid of many problems. The main issue, which was not solved by the elderly guests for years, was the lack of financing. Ida Dodd, the most popular lady of the hotel, got to this place because she had no money for the hospital. Suffering from fever, the old lady decided to buy a thermometer. When she tried to buy the thermometer in the pharmacy, the seller was very rude with an old lady. Ida found herself up on the street, having unpaid thermometer in her hands. Due to experienced excitement, the old lady felt herself better. Realizing that the path of the criminal could help her get better, the old lady decided to start stealing. Returning after a three-month absence from The Sussex Arms, Ida created a furor. Gert, Harry, Walter and Eunice expected to see their friend in her unaltered dress, but the attire of the old woman changed radically – now she wore only expensive things. Learning of the method of receiving new clothes from a friend, old people were shocked. After thinking a bit, some of them have decided to adopt this risky method to improve their own wardrobe.

The next day, Eunice went to the salon selling fur, and stolen a fur coat from there. She left her old fur clothes on the hanger. When Ida discovered this, she was horrified – the Eunice’s nametag was sewn to the backing. Realizing that it is necessary to return the stolen coat immediately and pick a labeled thing back, the old lady has developed a stormy activity. Friends agreed to help her in this matter. After going through a lot of difficulties, the old woman managed to pick up a friend's coat and put the stolen coat into place. Back at the hotel, the elderly people realized that their operation was successful. Gradually all but Eunice and Walter, who were going to marry soon, overcame their obedience to the law and embarked on a criminal path. Thanks to the successful theft, The Sussex Arms Hotel has changed drastically – it was repaired and renovated. A television now was in the corner of each room. New residents were settled at a higher level, regardless of their income. Also, older people were provided with expensive treatment.

At the next robbery, elderly criminals happen to be locked in a storage refrigerator. They had to use dynamite to get out of the ice traps. Soon the hotel was visited by the police. Law enforcement officers had hoped to receive some information from the elderly residents about a gang of robbers hunted around The Sussex Arms, but due to unexpectedly intensified deafness and insanity of all hotel residents, they did not find out anything. After receiving a warning from the fate, Ida Dodd decided to cut off the criminal activity of her team. They committed to make a last robbery to complete the collection of money for the purchase of the building. Suddenly, everything went not according to the plan – members of the gang could be arrested at any moment. Ordering her friends to flee, Ida remained to cover their retreat. But even before she was detained, the old woman died from the heart attack. Some time later, Ida watched from heaven for the wedding of Eunice and Walter, experiencing the joy of her dear friends.
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