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Hit It, Lorraine lyrics

Hit It, Lorraine

We're gonna take this town
And turn it upside down,
Go on and hit it, Lorraine.
To celebrate the glee
That's bubbling up in me,
Go on and hit it, Lorraine.
If there's a soul in here
To crab the atmosphere,
I won't permit it, Lorraine.
I'm not alone, at last,
All that's past,
And now that I'm no longer gloomy,
Let me hear you sock it to me.
I was a sorry sight,
A little too uptight,
But now I'm right as the rain.
The kind of fun I've found
Has caused a happy sound
To spin around in my brain.
I was in pain, Lorraine,
It was a strain, Lorraine,
But now the future's looking fine.
I'm gonna stop and shout,
So get that bullseye out,
And watch me hit it, Lorraine.

We're walking side by side
Like Bonnie did with Clyde,
Go on and hit it, Lorraine.
You'll hear a stinkin' noise
Just like the Dalton boys,
Go on and hit it, Lorraine.
You've got a built-in cheek
If you're a good antique,
Why not admit it, Lorraine?
We've got a goin' group,
Quite a troupe,
So don't be calm and noncommittal,
Let it loose and wail a little.
The sorry days that were
Will never reoccur,
Let's make it perfectly plain.
And play upon those keys
As easy as you please
A bright and breezy refrain.
No weathervane, Lorraine,
Says hurricane, Lorraine,
It's an event to underline.
So hit it!
Go on and hit it
For that slam-bang gang of mine!

I was in pain, Lorraine,
It looked like rain, Lorraine,
But now the skies are looking fine.
So hit it!
Go on and hit it
For that old, old, old, old gang of mine!
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