42nd Street synopsis

42nd Street synopsis

42nd Street Synopsis - Broadway musical

Auditions of the actors for a new musical ‘Pretty Lady’ started in New York. The cast of performers was already finished when Peggy Sawyer appeared on the scene. Provincial girl so worried that was late to the casting. Her arrival was noticed by Billy Lawlor – leading actor of performance. A girl made a great impression on him. Hoping for a possible relationship in the future, he decided to help Peggy with this audition. Despite her beautiful voice, director Julian Marsh refused to deal with the latecomer actress. Upset girl ran away, forgetting her purse on the piano. The author of the musical Maggie stated that she would come back. Soon to the theater came diva Dorothy Brock and her patron Abner Dillon – he invested in this musical 100 thousand dollars for the sake of his beloved. When he learned that the actress was also required to pass the audition, the rich man became angry. The creators of the musical convinced diva – it was necessary for the show. After Dorothy started the rehearsal, she met actor Pat Denning. They were romantically tied, until she went to Abner Dillon.

When Peggy Sawyer came in the theater, Maggie invited her to have a dinner with her and three other chorus girls. Actresses showed provincial girl dance movements that they performed, and she repeated them with ease. Choreographer appreciated Peggy’s abilities high, as well as the director, who was passing by. As Julian needed another chorus girl, he invited the talented provincial girl in the corps de ballet. During another rehearsal, girl fainted from hunger, and she was carried to the dressing room of Dorothy. Expected there for diva, Pat Denning started to turn Peggy to senses. Seeing this scene, Brock was very angry. The director realized – Dorothy still loved the actor. Realizing that the musical’s funding may cease, Marsh asked bandits he knew to affect Pat. After threats, actor went to Philadelphia. He did not know that the regional premiere was shifted to this state.

During the party before the show, intoxicated Dorothy admitted Abner Dillon she was with him only because of the money and now she abandons him. Frustrated rich fellow was persuaded with difficulty not to interrupt the funding of the musical. Director once again decided to get rid of Pat using gangsters’ hands. Overhearing the conversation of Marsh, Peggy tried to warn Dorothy. In the dressing room of diva, girl met Pat, and again leading actress caught them together. During the premiere, there was an accident – someone pushed Peggy, and she ran onto Brock, knocking her to the ground. Because of this, a girl was fired. It turned out that diva’s broken ankle would not allow to finish the show. The director wanted to cancel further shows, but performers persuaded him to make a replacement of the lead actress. They barely had time to return Peggy back, who was about to leave home.

After 36 hours, in New York there must be the premiere. During this time, provincial girl had to learn her part, including a large amount of lyrics, dances and songs. Being in a high voltage, a girl was visited by diva. Dorothy thanked Peggy – because of her injury, she realized whom she loved for real. The actress has married Pat Denning. The woman tipped a girl how to behave on stage the best. Premiere on Broadway was a huge success – the audience liked the talented newcomer very much. After the spectacle, Peggy went not to a grand reception at The Ritz, but at a modest party of actors, inviting the happy director to join them.
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