25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee review

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Review - Broadway musical

The musical is based on the original play named ‘C-R-E-P-U-S-C-U-L-E’, created by Rebecca Feldman and played in 2002 by the New York’s comedy troupe The Farm. Sarah Saltzberg, working as coming babysitter to playwright Wendy Wasserstein, participated in this theatrical production. The writer acquainted with the play and advised William Finn to watch the show. Assessing the potential of the work, he began collaboration with Rebecca Feldman to create a full-length musical. Composer Rachel Sheinkin was invited to develop a script. After preliminaries of a new production on the regional stages, the organizers were engaged in the creation of production in New York. The show quickly moved to Broadway, where it was exhibited for nearly 2.5 years. The musical recouped its investment in just 18 weeks. For Broadway is a very short period of time to return capital.

Critics have favorably received show about spelling, giving it a lot of good reviews. Witty libretto not for a second allowed the audience to get bored. The two-hour theatrical was exhibiting without intermission, but, according to subjective feelings of beholders, it lasted no more than 45 minutes. Production was interactive – during the contest, the public from the hall was invited to attend. The winner amongst the audience has retired closer to the middle of the play, getting the consolation prize in the form of juice pack. The actors playing the roles of children interacted with the audience, referring to people who allegedly were their parents. One of the contestants was eliminated from the competition, distracted on pretty girls in the course of the play. The organizers in advance coordinated their actions with the audience, who wanted to be a part of enacted staging.

The musical was awarded with different prizes. Off-Broadway production received three Drama Desk awards. The show has won 2 out of 4 submitted nominations for Lucille Lortel award. Also, the histrionics has earned two awards from Theatre World. Broadway production received 1 nomination for the Drama League and 3 Drama Desks. Play was 6 times nominated for Tony Award and won in 2 categories.

The maximum box office per week was $ 573,557 – organizers have collected it in January 2006. The minimum revenue Broadway show received in September 2007 – it amounted to 169,276 dollars. Musical about a spelling contest was a great success, as these events are regularly held in the USA for kids. Battles going on the correct spelling of words are sometimes similar to gladiatorial fights – that serious participants of tournaments treat them. Mocking sabotage and ambitions of parents, the musical also raises the issue of the relationship between young wizards. Not having very memorable songs, the production, however, differs with overall balance and harmony. Due to its structure, the show delights not only lovers of the language, but also lovers of good-quality productions.
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