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Lord of the Rings Musical Lyrics

Lord of the Rings description


The musical adaptation of the book was created by theater director K. Wallace & S. Zaentz, his partner in tandem with the owner of the theater in Toronto D. Mirvish. The musical part was written by S. McKenna & M. Warchus. Tree-acts action valued USD 30 million. It chronometry was 3.5 hours & took 65 actors. It was the show of extraordinary scale. The premiere took place on Feb. 2006 with last performance in 6 month from that time. The show took 7 Doras.


Cutted show was staged in London, which lasted for 3 hours. 12 million pounds they spent to launch the play & thus it is considered the most expensive set ever in the West End. NatGeo has produced a short motion picture about the histrionics, revealing the subtleties of the process of its preparation. Since June 2007, it has been shown in 30+ countries around the globe, including the USA. In May this year, the musical has been suspended, as a member of the cast (A. Salter) injured his leg. Later, the actor fully recovered & joined the team back.

The London production received praises from leading publications. Some of big newspapers called this spectacular as one of the best results of folk art. Unlike the London show, a musical in Toronto has been called boring & monotonous. London’s musical proved to be popular with viewers & was nominated for several awards. In 2008, many of the actors did not renew the contracts for the last season & were replaced by doubles. For 13 months, the musical was staged for 492 times. Last one occurred in July 2008.

World tour

In November 2013, it was reported about the revival of spectacular. It was assumed that it will be re-born in New Zealand in 2015. But the show has not been delivered yet since then.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

Lord of the Rings Lyrics

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