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Into the Woods Musical Lyrics

Into the Woods description

Before the Broadway, production was made in San Diego in 1986. After, in 1987 on Broadway at the Martin Beck Theatre, it has held 760+ hits, with closure in 1989 year. Actors at the opening were: R. Westenberg, B. Peters, T. Aldredge, J. Gleason, M. Louise, C. Zien, C. Wagner, K. Crosby, D. Ferland & B. Wright. J. Lapine made music, with help from L. Lubovitch; T. Straiges & R. Nelson were in charge of props and light, respectively, A. Hould-Ward was a costumer. In 1988, the show won the Drama Critics' Circle Award, Drama Desk, Grammy and 3 Tonies out of 10 nominations. Stephen Sondheim, who wrote the music for the musical, also worked for the film, which was released in 2014.

Among the substitute composition such actors were noted: M. G. Murray, B. Joslyn, C. Sikes, P. Rashad, L. Mitchell, N. Dussault, K. McClelland, E. Foley, M. Mazzie, D. Cavett, J. Blumenkrantz , E. Lyndeck, L. Ponce & P. B. Peterson. In 1989, during 3 days, the original lineup of actors was filmed for a TV format with showing on TV only 2 years after.

In 1997, the anniversary show at The Broadway Theatre was held, and in 2014 – in California, mostly with the original composition. In 2015 – in New York, Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Tours were launched in 1988. The first lasted for 1 year before the production moved to London, where in 1990-1991 it provided 197 hits in the Phoenix Theatre. In 1998, the show resumed in London, continuing to 1999, and in 2002 – on Broadway, which gave 300+ histrionics, if to count preliminary ones also. In 2007 in London Royal Opera House, it went for a few days. Tickets to the show were sold-out 3 weeks upfront the start.

Subsequent production and other shows were: 2010 (Regent's Park Open Air Theatre) ; 2012 (Central Park Delacorte Theater); 1993 (Sydney); 1994 (Auckland); 1998 and 2014 (Melbourne); 2004, 2006 & 2010 (Japan); 2007 (Barcelona); 2007 (Arlington, VA); 2009-2010 (London); 2011 (Singapore); 2011 (Santa Ana); 2012 (Baltimore); 2013 (Puerto Rico); 2014 (Paris); 2014 (Oregon); 2014 (San Francisco); 2015 (Off-Broadway); 2015 (Missouri); 2016 (Ontario).
Release date: 1987
Last Update:March, 28th 2016

Into the Woods Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Cinderella at the Grave Lyrics
  3. Hello, Little Girl Lyrics
  4. I Guess This Is Goodbye / Maybe They're Magic Lyrics
  5. Prologue: Into the Woods Lyrics
  6. I Know Things Now Lyrics
  7. Very Nice Prince / First Midnight / Giants in the Sky Lyrics
  8. Agony Lyrics
  9. It Takes Two Lyrics
  10. Stay With Me Lyrics
  11. On the Steps of the Palace Lyrics
  12. Ever After Lyrics
  13. Act 2
  14. Act II Prologue: So Happy Lyrics
  15. Agony (Reprise) Lyrics
  16. Lament Lyrics
  17. Any Moment / Moments in the Woods Lyrics
  18. Your Fault / Last Midnight Lyrics
  19. No More Lyrics
  20. No One Is Alone Lyrics
  21. Finale: Children Will Listen Lyrics

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