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Flower Drum Song Lyrics

Initially production was opened in 1958 under the leadership of creative duo made of Rodgers and Hammerstein in St. James Theatre. Advance purchases of tickets were normal and regular sales were also strong, despite the unrest of the novel's author C. Y. Lee. Receiving 6 Tony nominations, among which there was only one award, musical confidently lasted for 600 exhibitions and it was more than another other show, comprised of Asian actors. Closing took place in May 1960, after lowering the threshold of ticket sales to the level of 70%. This histrionics brought a profit of 35% of ROI on initial investment. This show served for Rodgers as his salvation from depression.

After that, the opening in London wasn’t waiting too long & in 1960 it has already begun, giving 464 hits. There were fewer Asian actors than on Broadway and there were: Y. S. Tung, K. Scott, G. Minami, Y. Saki, T. Herbert, I. Shepley. The director was Jerome Whyte.

The national tour followed in 1960, starting with Detroit, then the prosperous city, shortly before the death of Hammerstein in 1960. Marketing support in San Francisco was in streets decoration with Chinese lanterns, and Asian girls were hired to play on musical instruments. Closing of the tour was in 1961.

Screen version of the film took place in 1961 too and received a terrible financial failure – the only one among adaptations of this creative duo that failed at the box office. Following resurrection of the same version performed in 1961 in San Diego, 1961 at St. Louis, 1963 and 1964 in San Francisco, in 1965 at St. Louis again. It's hard to count numerous amateur performances, which began because of the popularity of this musical. It is only known that they began in the 1960s. In the second half of the 60s, musical popularity has declined because this musical was weaker than the rest of the work Rodgers & Hammerstein, and racial tolerance in the United States increased in general.
Release date: 1958
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