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Caroline, or Change Musical Lyrics

Caroline, or Change Lyrics

  1. Disc 1:
  2. 16 Feet Beneath the Sea
  3. The Radio
  4. Laundry Quintet
  5. Noah Down The Stairs
  6. The Cigarette
  7. Laundry Finish
  8. The Dryer
  9. I Got Four Kids
  10. Caroline, There's Extra Food
  11. There Is No God, Noah
  12. Rose Stopnick Can Cook
  13. Long Distance
  14. Dotty and Caroline
  15. Moon Change
  16. Moon Trio
  17. The Bus
  18. That Can't Be
  19. Noah And Rose
  20. Inside/Outside
  21. JFK
  22. Duets: No One Waitin'
  23. Duets: 'Night Mamma
  24. Duets: Gonna Pass Me A Law
  25. Duets: Noah Go To Sleep
  26. Noah Has A Problem
  27. Stuart And Noah
  28. Quarter In The Bleach Cup
  29. Caroline Take My Money Home
  30. Roosevelt Petrucius Coleslaw
  31. Disc 2:
  32. Santa Comin' Caroline
  33. Little Reward
  34. 1943
  35. Mr. Gellman's Shirt
  36. Ooh Child
  37. Rose Recovers
  38. I Saw Three Ships
  39. The Chanukah Party
  40. Dotty And Emmie
  41. I Don't Want My Child To Hear That
  42. Mr. Stopnick And Emmie
  43. Kitchen Fight
  44. A Twenty Dollar Bill And Why
  45. I Hate the Bus
  46. Moon, Emmie And Stuart Trio
  47. The Twenty Dollar Bill
  48. Caroline And Noah Fight
  49. Aftermath
  50. Sunday Morning
  51. Lot's Wife
  52. Salty Teardrops
  53. Why Does Our House Have A Basement?
  54. Underwater
  55. Epilogue

Caroline, or Change musical description

For the first time the opening of the musical was performed in a workshop in 2003 in New York. Its duration was only equal to one season, until 2004, after which it has moved to Broadway and was completed in May of 2004. The popularity of this musical under the direction of George C. Wolfe was below average – only 136 performances and 22 previews. The actors were as follows: H. Chad, C. Wilson, T. Pinkins, V. Cox & A. N. Rose. Hope Clarke was responsible for the choreography, R. Hernandez did the scenic design, P. Tazewell was a costume designer, and P. Eisenhauer was a lighter. Despite the very short duration, the musical was nominated for Tony 6 times, and one of the nominations were for the Best Musical. It didn’t win, unfortunately.

London saw the show in 2006, with the same director, continued until early 2007. However, its production has been done elsewhere, not in the West End, but that did not stop the musical was rewarded with Olivier (the British equivalent of Tony). Actors in London were such: P. Millward, C. Rowe, T. Pinkins, G. Bernstein, P. Bennett–Warner, J. Weldon, H. McRae & A. Francolini.

In California musical was in 2004, first in L.A., and then in San Francisco. Chicago took the show in 2008, where it earned 4 Jeff Awards, and in 2011 it staged in CT. In 2008, the musical has been brought to Maryland, in 2009 in Minnesota, in 2010 in New York. In Ohio it was in 2011 and again in the state of N.Y. in 2012, in the city of Syracuse.

International production was opened in 2012 in Toronto.
Release date: 2004
Last Update:January, 13th 2016

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