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Young Frankenstein Musical Lyrics

Young Frankenstein description

The script was written by now 90-years-old Mel Brooks and T. Meehan. Songs created M. Brooks. In October 2006, tryouts started. The spectacle was undertaken by director and choreographer S. Stroman. The cast involved: B. d'Arcy James, K. Chenoweth, S. Hensley, M. Kudisch & S. Foster. The premiere of a show was held in Seattle Paramount Theatre from Aug. to Sept. 2007. The production has been developed by S. Stroman. The theatrical included this cast of actors: R. Bart, C. Fitzgerald & A. Martin amongst others. In October 2007 were started new tryouts for Broadway. The play settled in the Hilton Theatre from late 2007 to beginning of 2009, exhibiting 29 preliminaries and 485 regular performances. The entire organization process belongs to S. Stroman. The show had such actors: R. Bart, S. Foster, C. Fitzgerald, S. Hensley & M. Mullally.

In September 2009, Providence Performing Arts Center hosted the start of the 1st North American tour. The tour gathered the following actors: R. Bart, S. Hensley, C. English, B. Oscar & B. Curry. From August to September 2010, it was suspended and then – resumed with the new composition of the actors. This time, it involved: C. Ryan, P. Truman Boyd, D. Benoit & J. DiVita. It completed in May 2011. In September 2011 started the 2nd national tour with such actors: A. J. Holmes, L. Dorsett, E. Pawlowski & R. Donovan. From January to March 2014, the play was hosted by Drury Lane Oakbrook Theatre. The director was W. Osetek, choreographer – T. Mader. The cast consisted of: D. DeSantis, T. Taylor, J. Dumas & P. Scrofano. In July 2016, the histrionics was held at The Muny. Theatrical has been developed by director M. M. Dodge and choreographer J. Rhodes. Actors, who participated: R. Petkoff, S. Gibson, S. Rosen & V. Lewis.
Release date: 2007
Last Update:August, 05th 2016

Young Frankenstein Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics
  3. The Happiest Town Lyrics
  4. The Brain Lyrics
  5. Please Don't Touch Me Lyrics
  6. Together Again Lyrics
  7. Roll In The Hay Lyrics
  8. Join The Family Business Lyrics
  9. He Vas My Boyfriend Lyrics
  10. The Law Lyrics
  11. Life, Life Lyrics
  12. Welcome To Transylvania Lyrics
  13. Transylvania Mania Lyrics
  14. Act 2
  15. He's Loose Lyrics
  16. Listen to Your Heart Lyrics
  17. Surprise Lyrics
  18. Please Send Me Someone Lyrics
  19. Man About Town Lyrics
  20. Puttin' On The Ritz Lyrics
  21. Deep Love Lyrics
  22. Frederick's Soliloquy Lyrics
  23. Deep Love (Reprise) Lyrics 
  24. Finale Lyrics

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