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Year with Frog and Toad, A Musical Lyrics

Year with Frog and Toad, A description

Libretto and lyrics were written by W. Reale. The music composed by his brother R. Reale. Tryouts were in Powerhouse Theater in 2000. Production realized director D. Petrarca. Starring: M. Linn-Baker and R. Sella. Premiere hosted by Minneapolis Children's Theatre. The show took place there from August to November 2002, then it moved to New Victory Theatre, where it was shown from mid-November to early December 2002. It was directed by D. Petrarca & choreographed by D. Pelzig. The actors were: J. Goede, M. Linn-Baker, D. Ferland, K. Reinders & F. Vlastnik. Tryouts were on Broadway in April 2003. The play hosted by Cort Theatre from April to June 2003, having 15 preliminaries and 73 regular performances. Production was prepared by D. Petrarca and D. Pelzig. Actor’s list was: M. Linn-Baker, J. Goede, D. Ferland & J. Gambatese.

From January to March 2006, the theatrical was exhibited in Goodman Theatre, developed by director H. Godinez, having such actors: B. Mott, J. Foronda, L. S. Banks & O. Jones. From October to November 2013, performance took place in the Ruth Page Arts Center, prepared by H. Godinez and choreographed by T. Rapley with these actors: M. D. Kaplan, K. Hamilton & C. Bunuan. From October to November 2014, the histrionics was held in ZACH Theatre, directed by N. Miller and choreographed by J. Y. Mahlstedt. The spectacular involved: C. Brewer, C. Harris, K. Henry & N. Kier. In December 2014, it was represented in the Salt Lake Acting Company, directed by P. Caywood. The cast involved J. Bowen, A. R. Moore, T. L. McGriff & L. Tarantino. Production was nominated for 2 awards.
Release date: 2002
Last Update:August, 03rd 2016

Year with Frog and Toad, A Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Opening Lyrics
  3. A Year With Frog And Toad Lyrics
  4. Spring Lyrics
  5. Seeds Lyrics
  6. The Letter Lyrics
  7. Getta Loada Toad Lyrics
  8. Underwater Ballet Lyrics
  9. Alone Lyrics
  10. The Letter (Reprise) Lyrics
  11. Cookies Lyrics
  12. Act 2
  13. The Kite Lyrics
  14. A Year With Frog And Toad (Reprise) Lyrics
  15. He'll Never Know Lyrics
  16. Shivers Lyrics
  17. Snow Ballet Lyrics
  18. The Letter (Reprise 2) Lyrics
  19. Down The Hill Lyrics
  20. I'm Coming Out Of My Shell Lyrics
  21. Toad To The Rescue Lyrics
  22. Merry Almost Christmas Lyrics
  23. Finale Lyrics

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