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Music was composed by J. Taylor, M. Rodgers, S. Schwartz, M. Grant & C. Carnelia. Lyrics were written by S. Birkenhead, S. Schwartz, C. Carnelia, J. Taylor & M. Grant. The libretto was developed by Schwartz with N. Faso. The first show took place in the Chicago from Dec. 1977 to February 1978. There were 40 performances only. Production was directed by Mr. Schwartz & choreographed by G. Daniele. In the show were involved: J. Ponazecki, J. Footlik, D. P. Kelly, R. Lamont & T. Treas. Try-outs before Broadway started in May 1978. They were from May to June 1978, with 12 preliminaries & 24 regular performances. This production was directed by Stephen Schwartz & choreographed by O. White. The spectacle involved S. Bigelow, A. Freeman, B. Gunton, D. P. Kelly & P. LuPone. In 1982, the show was processed for display on the PBS TV channel.

In March 1999, an updated version took place in New Haven. The production has been created by director C. Ashley & choreographed by D. DiPasquale. The cast was: G. DeGraw, A. Harada, J. Herrera & E. Skinner. From May to June 2008, a rethought variant was staged. It was prepared by director G. Greenberg & choreographer J. Rhodes. The cast was: D. Baker, C. Donnell, N. Joshi & L. McCartney. From February to May 2011, the play was held in Chicago's Water Tower Place. The histrionics was developed by G. Greenberg & J. Rhodes. The cast involved: M. Mahler, E. Gavino, J. G. Ruiz & E. F. Butler. In December 2012, the off-Broadway production was held at 59E59 Theatre. Histrionics was developed by J. Rhodes & G. Greenberg. It had cast: M.-F. Arcilla, J. Cassidy, D. L. Champlin, J. A. Johnson & K. Miller.
Release date: 1978
Last Update:August, 02nd 2016

Working Lyrics

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