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Woman In White Musical Lyrics

Woman In White description

After the closure of the show ‘The Beautiful Game’ in London in 2001, its author Lloyd-Webber admitted on a television interview that he was out of current work. And declared a sort of competition to an interesting new musical idea.

Composer had a huge cloud of offers. Among them was the famous detective novel by W. Collins ‘The Woman In White’. The highlight of it is that the story is told in the form of testimonies of various individuals on the interrogation. The arrangement of this on music gives the novel a lot of interesting ideas. Lloyd-Webber was fueled with this work and attracted producer center Sonia Friedman Productions to the development, famous for its innovative approaches to the productions. Screenwriter became British C. Jones. D. Zippel was lyricist and director was famous T. Nunn. Decorator was W. Dudley. His work was a technical breakthrough in the scenography. He used images of real objects projected on screens for the scenery. This allowed changing the scene completely in an instant. Before the audience were raised authentic images of the railway station, the premises of the mansion, the natural scenery and streets of London.

Preliminaries began in London's Palace Theatre in 2004. Two weeks later, the show was launched for the public. Broadway premiere night took place in November 2005. Critics were divided. Some considered the musical complete failure, others – as the best show they’ve ever seen. On Broadway, this histrionics had not much success and was closed in February 2006. More successful it was in England, where it stayed on stage for a year and a half.
Release date: 2004
Last Update:August, 01st 2016

Woman In White Lyrics

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